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Well what can I say? It has been a quite interesting year or so! I have been very busy just writing new material, working my small businesses and recording. Oh yeah, there is also a pandemic going on and there are vastly different opinions and even fake beliefs going on. Without getting heavy into that at the current time I will just say, be safe, practice social distancing where needed and wear a mask in crowds. This thing is not over yet.

ANYWAYS! (I'm sure some hate mail about covid being fake is headed my way. Y'all do you!)

I just wanted to drop a line about "Whats Pokemon Mean? I like to encourage interaction within various communities. So oft times I will release a song with English and Japanese lyrics and slowly reveal the meaning for both languages. It's been way too long since ポケモンの意味は何か?was released for me to qualify it for "slowly" revealing the meaning. But since it was my first dual language song I released to the public, in my head the "slowly" is still active :D. I like to think that one day, some English speakers and Japanese speakers will meet over one of these songs, break down the lyrics for each other and then hold hands and sing Kumbaya haha! Or maybe they will both tell each other that "this Jahsua guy is kind of looney" "this stuff is all over the place". Either way I would be down for it.

One thing I will say is that, the question "What does Pokemon Mean?" used to be the number one question that people would ask me when they heard that I could speak Japanese. So there is that... lol, the rest of the song lyrics will come in a lyric video soon. In the meantime ask your local Japanese or English speaker what the other language lyrics are talking about. You might make a new friend. And you may end up singing Kumbaya together! :D


#jahsua #ポケモンの意味は何か #ポケモン

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