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What does Pokémon Mean?

Jahsua is set to release "What's Pokémon Mean?" in Japan on Aug 23 and worldwide Aug 30. Stylized in Japanese as ポケモンの言う意味は何か?(pronounced Pokemon no iu imi wa nan ka?) it is a song about Jahsua's time speaking Japanese and how many people would ask him the same question when discovering he spoke the language. That question was "What does Pokémon mean?" The song also touches on how America used the Pearl Harbor attacks as a means to enter World War 2, after not only compelling Japan to act due to steel tariffs among other factors, but having full knowledge that Japanese planes were on their way to Hawaii and doing nothing to warn the people of the Island that an attack was imminent.

Usually it takes 20 years for the truth of a war to be made known to the public of America, but by then literally no one cares. Its a vicious cycle that is played on the American people under the guise of so many emotional elements such as patriotism. But do your own research. The great Jahsua ( Lol ) is only there as a reminder. In the meantime check out his new single in a few days on all services world wide. Sending love your way, no matter where you are in the world. LETS GO!! ;)

P.S. check out the album art LOL, 2 TV's and a DDR pad! OOOOOH ,Now What!!! :D

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