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What is Spotify Only You?

Whats happening my people!

Well I just got an email from Spotify telling me about a new feature launching today called Only You. I know we all have our opinions of Spotify, especially mines! I like the discovery of new artists on Spotify which would suggest that I like their algorithms, but at the same time from an audio point of view I think their sound quality is terrible. You can't feel the new artists that you discover there! I always find myself switching to Amazon HD, Apple Music or Tidal to really feel the music. (Yes I have subscriptions to all of the above! In fact I have two Apple Music subs, one American and the other Japanese.)

So far Only You is a feature lasting through June 2021 that is similar to their Wrapped feature which details your year in listening on Spotify. Only You is touted to not just highlight WHAT you listen to but also HOW you listen to what you listen to. You have to remember, information is the most valuable commodity right now, (it may have always been, it's just super obvious currently). They make fun and exciting sounding features such as the following directly from Spotify and CNET.

  • Your Audio Birth Chart, a sort of astrologer for your musical tastes that tells you a Sun artist you've listened to most over the last six months, a Moon artist that best reflects your "emotional or vulnerable side" and a Rising artist that you've recently discovered.

  • Your Dream Dinner Party, a tool to make a personalized playlists from a selection of three artists you'd most like to invite to a dinner party.

  • Your Artist Pairs, which calls out an unusual audio pairing that you've listened to recently.

  • Your Song Year, which is supposed to recap how "you've musically traveled through different time periods."

  • Your Time of Day, which highlights the music and podcasts you listen either early in the morning or late at night.

  • Your Genres/Topics, which explains music and podcast genres that set you apart.

They gave me a "Hip Hop" Mix.... With a whole lot of the songs I have hearted in playlist.

There were also a number of songs that you wouldn't catch me bumpin' at the red light. But I get it. They're taking what they have about my habits and making predictions. Kind of like how I'm currently doing with a few people lol!

Spotify also gave me a number of other playlist upon opening the Only You feature.

As you can see, I was still bumpin' that K-Dee! He was talking about me in that song BTW. Yes sirrrr haha! But I'm going to rock with Only You tomorrow and see the intricate details that Spotify has collected on yours truly and find out how to capitalize on it hehe! Hey! It's a mutual relationship here!

Hit me and let me know how you like it and also if you want to Blend :D. It's a feature that supposedly Blends two different Spotify users (like you and me) and makes playlist based off of that info. Hit me and let's try it!

Lastly they gave me a shout for listening to a couple of podcast and had those in a highlighted area as well. A girl I met put me on "And Thats Why We Drink" last week and I've been on it daily. Check it out if you're into Paranormal thangs and Murders. Inspiration can come from various sources. ( insert Evil laugh) haahaaahaaha.

Aight I'm done. :D.


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